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Multi-functional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner

  • $19.95

Got scraped, worn out leather furniture? Now you can get it polished without spending a fortune. 

The Multi-functional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner promises to brighten the surfaces of leather furniture so it looks brand new! And you don't have to worry about any pungent smell, either. 

Additionally, it provides UV protection so the surfaces keep looking their best. It fights discoloration, damages, dust and stain buildup, and premature fading. Get it today and watch your furniture transform! 


    • 100% Eco-friendly and safe. Oil-free, odor-free.
    • Wide applications. Also works with rubber, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, PVC, gel coat and fiberglass surfaces, among others.
    • Also for car interiors, computers, and more.
    • Net weight: 260 g 
    • Your order includes: 1 x Multi-functional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner KIT (Sponge + Cleaner)

    How to Use:

    1. Apply the formula using a sponge and wipe it on the surface of the furniture with a circular motion.
    2. Repeat if necessary onto dirtier surfaces.
    3. To avoid any residue from the product, wipe the surface with a towel afterward.

    Shipping May Take 2 - 5 Weeks Due To High Demand