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Drain Cleaner Sticks 12PCS

  • $10.95

If you avoid plumbing emergencies like the plague, you must invest in these sticks ASAP.

The Drain Cleaner Sticks work by releasing powerful enzymes once water passes through them. Use the sticks with your drains in the bathtub, kitchen, shower, and more! 

They keep the drains clear and clean-smelling, avoiding any plumbing disaster that can dampen your mood. All you have to do is drop in a single stick each month in the drain, and prevent clogs easily and effectively! 

How to Use: 

  • Drop in the drain, letting it fall and rest in place into the pipe trap
  • Let water flow through the pipe to trigger the release of enzymes that clear the drain
  • Use once a month (per drain) for best results 


  • Wide Applications. Works in any drain (bathroom, kitchen, and bathtub drains, among others)
  • Releases powerful enzymes for clean, clear and odor-free drains 
  • Easy to use
  • Your order includes: 12 x Drain Cleaner Sticks 

    Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery