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Multi-functional Drain Stopper

  • $6.95

If you had your fair share of plumbing disasters that drove you out of your mind, the Multi-functional Drain Stopper is the kitchen essential that you'd never want to live without. 

Multi-functional Drain Stopper

Soft yet durable, these drain stoppers work not only on kitchen and bathroom sinks but can also be used for bathtubs. You can even use them when doing laundry! 

They catch items such as hair and food waste before they cause drain clogs that ruin your day. 

How to Use: 

Just press the button in the center so the edge folds up, allowing water to pass and catching particles that can potentially cause clogs.

Press the edge to close the valve and fill a bathtub or sink with water. This works well when you're trying to wash your face, clean fruits and vegetables, take a bath, etc. 


  • Colors: Green, White and Blue 
  • Multifunctional. Can work in the kitchen and bathroom. As a Drain Catcher, it keeps food waste from clogging the drain. As a Drain Stop, it can seal water up and prevent it from getting wasted when you're washing fruits/ vegetables or washing your face.
  • Your order includes: 1 x Multi-functional Drain Stopper

    Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery