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6pcs Empty-It Bottle Cap Stand Kit

  • $19.95

Can't get the last drops of sauce, honey, or any other liquid? Letting you empty any bottle with remarkable ease, the Toss It Bottle Cap Stand Kit is the ultimate dispenser your household would ever need. 

Barbecue Sauce

The kit has adapters that let you screw into the base caps and adjust their opening to various sizes (such as 37, 27 or 23mm!) And in the event that the caps malfunction, the Toss It can easily replace them to save you from frustration and wasting time! Just push any valve to dispense and see how easier life becomes! 


  • 100% SAFE. BPA-Free
  • Color-coded adapters that fit any screw top bottle. Adjustable and can be used with any bottle at home or in the office 
  • Multi-purpose. Can be used with shampoo, lotion, ketchup, sauce, anything! 
  • Stores bottles upside down
  • Washable, Reusable 
  • Your order includes: 1 x Toss It Bottle Cap Stand Kit (6 base caps and 6 adapters, from 23 to 37 mm in sizes)

Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery