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BoneTech™ Bone Conduction Headphones

  • $89.95

A game changer---this is exactly what the new Bone-Conduction Headphones promise to be once you start listening to music using this set. With its unparalleled commitment to user experience, the Bone-Conduction Headphones will absolutely change the way you look at headphones.

If it would be convenient for you to listen to your favorite music without the need to plug anything into your ears, look no further! You can absolutely attend to daily tasks, exercise, and just about anything else while listening to music. The headphones use bone connection technology that transmit sounds through the cheekbones and directly to the inner ears; which means extreme comfort and awareness for you.

You wouldn't have to worry about irritating and damaging the inside of your ears with any ear piece. This set offers tremenduous support for individuals with conductive hearing loss or disability, as it can be worn with hearing aids without any isssue. It easily lets you listen to music and hear what people say in conversations, making it a perfect complement for cyclists, skateboarders, and more!

  • Wireless bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports hands-free calls

Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery