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Dust Cleaner Attachment

  • $16.95

Does dust bother you like no other? As you know, allergy triggers are hidden everywhere. But if the dust problems in your home or workplace result in allergies that are worse than before, it's time to take action! 

The Dust Cleaner Attachment effectively eliminates dust, which may not bother everyone, but can really irritate other people. It's the perfect attachment to any vacuum cleaner.

This revolutionary tube can also be used to dust around drawers, keyboards, and air vents, among others. It's like having a duster on steroids! 

Equip your vacuum cleaner today to combat the allergy-causing dust in your home or office. 


  • Material: PP+ High-grade Plastic 
  • Cleans hard to reach places 
  • Universal fitCan fit any vacuum cleaner! 
  • Flexible use. Vacuum attachment and duster 
Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery