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Easy Clothes Organizer 10PCS

  • $29.95

A tidy closet can bring a distinguishable feeling of pride and fulfilment. But does your closet look chaotic that you don't even know where to start fixing it? Fortunately, wrestling with a disorganized closet can be a thing of the past now, thanks to this genius space saver.

Clothes Organizer

The Easy Clothes Organizer will rescue you from the frustration of dealing with wrinkled clothes and messy storage spaces. It features 10 layers of folding boards so your clothes are conveniently organized in a tidy and accessible stack.

If you need to pull a shirt in the middle, you can do so without having to worry if it would wreck the other clothes. The Easy Clothes Organizer is also ideal for travellers who can use the extra space in their suitcase. Get yours today and watch your closet transform! 


  • With 10 racks of folding boards
  • Material: High-grade PE Plastic
  • Product size: 30 x 35 x 5 cm
  • Shape: Rectangle