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Eyebrow Powder Stamp

  • $18.95

End all your eyebrow troubles today with this Eyebrow Powder Stamp.

This is the Hottest & Latest trend in the market - especially in United States. If you find it such a hassle to draw your brows every morning or can't seem to get the perfect brow shape then this tool is perfect for you! 

Easily recreate a natural eyebrow shape in just seconds! Ideal for those who are leading an active lifestyle; rushing to work, class or even the gym. We found an EASY way for you to get those perfect eyebrows every single time! Perfect gift for your friends!

  • Perfectly matched, natural looking brows in seconds
  • Apply lightly for subtle color or add pressure for darker color
  • Shape & define for a fuller brow or fill in sparse eyebrows.
  • Water Resistant / Long Lasting
  • Pain free & Hassle free application

How to use:

  • Take the brow stamp and press on the eyebrow powder stamping on your brows to get the desired effect (Press from the brow end to the eyebrow end.) 
  • *Pay attention: At first the surface of the brow powder may be a little difficult to take. But after several time, it will become easy.

    Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery