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Multipurpose Rust Remover Spray

  • $17.95

When the metal has begun to rust, simply tossing it to the bin and getting a replacement isn't always the most feasible option. Thanks to the Multipurpose Rust Remover Spray, your appliances, vehicle, and other stuff can now be saved in an efficient, quick, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Removing rust and stain like a pro, it employs a safe and eco-friendly solution that leaves a clean, waxy coating on metal, plastic, and even electronics. The Multipurpose Rust Remover Spray doesn't harm the surfaces you're working on, either. 

Invest in the Multipurpose Rust Remover Spray today! 

How to Use:

  1. Spray the product and wipe off with a towel.
  2. No equipment is necessary! 


  • 100% Safe to use around pets and kids.
  • Uses a non-toxic, non-corrosive formula. No fumes guaranteed.
  • Fast-acting, with instant results! 
  • Protects from oxidation and corrosion
  • Keeps rust from occurring again after use 
  • Non-conductive, eliminating the risk of short circuits 
  • Wide applications. Use in paints, metal surfaces, plastics, vinyl, and electronics
  • Net content: 100 ml
  • Your order includes: 1 x Multipurpose Rust Remover Spray

    Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery