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Weatherproof Windshield Cover

  • $17.95

Looking after your car can cost a fortune, but our new Weatherproof Windshield Cover will look after YOU all-year round, without charging a lot. 

Can you imagine the hassle when winter piles ice on your favorite car? Without this indispensable protection, you wouldn't be able to block the ice buildup. The Weatherproof Windshield Cover will save you time, money, and energy. 

With 6 powerful magnets sewn in the cover's edges, you can use to place it onto your windscreen. This winter essential would get rid of the snow when you shake off its cover. 

In the summer, it guarantees protection from extreme sunlight that can overheat your car's interiors. 

  • Double-sided windshield cover. Black side facing out offers protection from snow, silver side facing out offers protection from sunlight 
  • Anti-UV, easy snow cleaning 
  • Material: Aluminum foil & Polyester
  • Color: Silver or Black
  • For front and rear car windshields 
  • Product Size: 96.5 x 57.1 inches (245 x 145 cm)
  • Compatibility: Suitable for front and rear car windshield

    Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery